We are an award-winning studio specializing in wedding photography! We are dedicated to delivering images that show the excitement of your big day. We seek every tear, every smile and every hug. For us, every marriage is always the most important of all!


We like documentary photography. We tried to tell a story with the photos of your wedding. We do this discreetly, artistically recording every magical and special moment of your day. We will not interfere nor direct the moments. When the time is right, we will also have an active role in steering, making the weather stronger than ever, providing beautiful images! We are constantly searching, to unique and creative perspectives, often going to the extreme, seeking an unbelievable chance! Anyway, we want real, timeless images that speak for themselves. If you think like us and are willing to help us have unbelievable images, you are in the right place! Nice to meet you, we are Dany and Michel and we are ready to be part of your wedding. 

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